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International festival of handicrafts  was held on September 21 – 24 in the city of Kokand, in Fergana region. The festival is scheduled to be held every two years.  Handicrafts of various fields from many countries will visit the festival.

The area where the festival will be held: In the heart of Kokand city, in the famous “Khudoyor Khan” Palace in Fergana region, and the adjacent amusement park.

Date: September 21 – 24, 2023.

 About the festival:

More than 1,000 craftsmen will participate in the festival in tents with the festival symbol and in various national costumes. Also, famous and experienced foreign craftsmen from more than 60 countries and about 1600 local craftsmen will participate in the festival. At the same time, the favorite and internationally recognized works of local craftsmen will be exhibited at the festival.

It is planned to carry out various organizational activities in the central recreation park where the festival will be held and in “Khudoyor Khan” palace. For example, it is planned to allocate areas for embroiderers’ town, carvers’ town, coppersmith’s town, goldsmith’s town and other crafts. Craftsmen will hold master classes at the exhibition. Folklore-ethnographic shows and theater shows will be presented at the exhibition. Gloves, aprons, napkins and caps with the symbol of the festival will be presented to the craftsmen.

Goals and objectives of the event:

  • Promote the development of crafts;
  • Helping artisans to produce their products, helping them to sell in foreign and local markets;
  • Development of crafts and tourism by organizing international festivals;
  • Creating conditions for the Festival (construction of catering places, hotels and hostels, parking lots for cars, etc.). It also provides for the development and improvement of the infrastructure of the city of Kokand, carrying out new enterprises, the creation of new jobs, improvement and landscaping. The Festival not only demonstrate to the preservation of national traditions to the audience, but also promotes our national culture and spirituality through the performances of folklore and national musical ensembles. Exhibition groups from each province and neighboring countries are traditionally represented on festival grounds.
  • The master classes will be held at the festival serve to exchange experienced between craftsmen.


The specific objectives of the festival are as follows:

  • development of national crafts and wide promotion among young people;
  • promotion of handicraft products at the national and international level;
  • create platforms for interaction, exchange of views and exchange of experience between local and international experts;
  • providing income opportunities for local communities, women and youth in traditional crafts;
  • to support the development of internal and external tourism in the regions;
  • to increase the interest of young people in crafts by holding events and contests among the local population;
  • creating a platform for international cooperation and craftsmen.


Description :

  • Various events will be held at the festival in the following components:
  • Performances of folklore ensembles and groups at the festival will help young people to instill the priority of national values. Also, various concerts and ceremonies will be held during the Festival, and special importance will be attached to comprehensive media coverage of these events.

Scientific approach:

Within the framework of the festival, a scientific-practical conference will be held on the topic “Actual problems of handicrafts”. The conference lasts one day.  The number of speakers will be 5-6 people. The seminar was entrusted to the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Cultural component:

A fashion show of national costumes created by well-known designers from Uzbekistan and abroad will be held at the festival. The opening day of the festival and the final part of the festival will hold a concert. The concert will take place on a specially built stage at the entrance of Khudoyor Khan’s residence.  The stage design consists of modular led panels, large tents, “atlas” ribbons and other parts.

Social component:

During the festival, it is planned to hold traditional “kurash”, riding shows, puppeteers, craftsmen’ exhibitions, a traditional Uzbek music and dance concert, and the “palov” preparing competition.

Media component:

Publications dedicated to cultural heritage are presented in various national and international mass media.

Materials of the conference will be published in foreign publications. According to the media plan approved by the public information campaign, the festival will be widely covered by mass media.

Translation activities:

A group of volunteers from among students of higher educational institutions will be organized to translate for foreign guests.

Public order:

Drinks and light snacks will be sold during the festival days. National food competitions are also held on festival days. Tandoors will be installed for preparing national “patir” and “somsa”. The cooked food is decorated with small flags with the symbol of the festival.